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CFAF240400C0-030SC Datasheet(Arkusz danych) 11 Page - Crystalfontz America, Inc.

Numer części CFAF240400C0-030SC
Szczegółowy opis  IPS TFT DISPLAY MODULE
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Producent  CRYSTAIFONTZ [Crystalfontz America, Inc.]
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 11 page
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CFAF240400C0-030SC TFT Display Module
Datasheet Release Date 2019-06-03
Page | 11
Do not apply stress to the LSI chips and the surrounding molded sections.
Do not disassemble or modify the LCD display module.
Do not apply input signals while the logic power is off.
Pay sufficient attention to the working environments when handing the LCD display module to
prevent occurrence of element breakage accidents by static electricity.
o Be sure to make human body grounding when handling LCD display modules.
o Be sure to ground tools to use for assembly such as soldering irons.
o To suppress generation of static electricity, avoid carrying out assembly work under dry
o Protective film is being applied to the surface of the display panel of the LCD display
module. Be careful since static electricity may be generated when exfoliating the
protective film.
Protection film is being applied to the surface of the display panel and removes the protection
film before assembling it. At this time, if the LCD display module has been stored for a long
period of time, residue adhesive material of the protection film may remain on the surface of
the display panel after the film has been removed. In such a case, remove the residue material
by the method discussed above.
If electric current is applied when the LCD display module is being dewed or when it is placed
under high humidity environments, the electrodes may become corroded. If this happens
proceed with caution when handling the LCD display module.
13.3. Storage Precautions
When storing the LCD display modules put them in static electricity preventive bags to avoid
exposure to direct sunlight and fluorescent lamps. Also avoid high temperature and high
humidity environments and low temperatures (less than 0°C) environments. (We recommend
you store these modules in the packaged state when they were shipped from Crystalfontz). Be
careful not to let water drops adhere to the packages or bags, and do not let dew gather on
If electric current is applied when water drops are adhering to the surface of the LCD display
module the LCD display module may have become dewed. If a dewed LCD display module is
placed under high humidity environments it may cause the electrodes to become corroded. If
this happens proceed with caution when handling the LCD display module.
13.4. Designing Precautions
The absolute maximum ratings are the ratings that cannot be exceeded for LCD display
module. If these values are exceeded, panel damage may happen.
To prevent occurrence of malfunctioning by noise pay attention to satisfy the VIL and VIH
specifications and, at the same time, to make the signal line cable as short as possible.
We recommend that you install excess current preventive unit (fuses, etc.) to the power circuit
(VDD). (Recommend value: 0.5A)
Pay sufficient attention to avoid occurrence of mutual noise interference with the neighboring
As for EMI, take necessary measures on the equipment side.
When fastening the LCD display module, fasten the external plastic housing section.
If the power supply to the LCD display module is forcibly shut down, by such errors as taking
out the main battery while the LCD display panel is in operation, we cannot guarantee the
quality of this LCD display module.
o Connection (contact) to any other potential than the above may lead to rupture of the IC.
13.5. Disposing Precautions
Request the qualified companies to handle the industrial wastes when disposing of the LCD
display modules. Or, when burning them, be sure to observe the environmental and hygienic
laws and regulations.
13.6. Other Precautions
When an LCD display module is operated for a long period of time with a fixed pattern, the
fixed pattern may remain as an after image or a slight contrast deviation may occur.
o If the operation is interrupted and left unused for a while, normal state can be restored.

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