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UN3E5-75LM Datasheet(Arkusz danych) 3 Page - UN Semiconducctor INC

Numer części UN3E5-75LM
Szczegółowy opis  3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)
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Producent  UNSEMI [UN Semiconducctor INC]
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3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)
Revision October 18, 2013
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@ UN Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 2013
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Please refer to for current information.
UN3E5 Series
UN Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Test Condition / Description
DC Spark-over Voltage
The voltage is measured with a slowly rate of rise dv / dt=100V/s
Impulse Spark-over
The maximum impulse spark-over voltage is measured with a rise time of
dv / dt=100V//
μs or 1KV/μs
Insulation Resistance
The resistance of gas tube shall be measured each terminal each other terminal,
please see above spec.
The capacitance of gas tube shall be measured each terminal to each other
Test frequency :1MHz
Nominal Impulse
Discharge Current
The maximum current applying a waveform of 8/20
μs that can be applied across
the terminals of the gas tube. One hour after the test is completed, re-testing of the
DC spark-over voltage does not exceed
±30% of the nominal DC spark-over
voltage. Dwell time between pulses is 3 minutes.
Nominal Alternating
Discharge Current
Rated RMS value of AC current at 50Hz, 1 sec. 10 times. Intervals: 3min. The DC
spark-over voltage does not exceed
±30% of the nominal DC spark-over voltage.
IR > 10
To meet
the specified
Solder Iron Temperature: 350
°C +/-5°C
Heating Time:
5 seconds max.
Electrical Rating
Recommended soldering profile
Wave soldering
Soldering profile applied a single process
Reflow soldering
Soldering Parameters - Hand Soldering

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