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CFAF240400A0-030T Dane(HTML) 10 Page - Crystalfontz America, Inc.

Numer części CFAF240400A0-030T
Szczegółowy opis  TFT DISPLAY MODULE
Pobierz  12 Pages
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Producent  CRYSTAIFONTZ [Crystalfontz America, Inc.]
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CFAF240400A0-030T Datasheet(Arkusz danych) 10 Page - Crystalfontz America, Inc.

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CFAF240400A0-030T TFT Display Module
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12. LCD Module Precautions
The precautions below should be followed when using LCD modules to help ensure personal safety,
module performance, and compliance of environmental regulations.
12.1. Modules
Avoid applying excessive shocks to module or making any alterations or modifications to it.
Do not make extra holes on the printed circuit board, modify its shape or change the
components of LCD display module.
Do not disassemble the LCD display module.
Do not operate the LCD display module above the absolute maximum rating.
Do not drop, bend or twist the LCD display module.
Soldering: only to the I/O terminals.
Store in an anti-static electricity container and clean environment.
It is common to use the "screen saver" to extend the lifetime of the LCD display module.
o Do not use the fixed information for long periods of time in real application.
o Do not use fixed information in LCD panel for long periods of time to extend "screen burn"
effect time.
Crystalfontz has the right to change the passive components, including R2 and R3 adjust
resistors. (Resistors, capacitors and other passive components will have different appearance
and color caused by the different supplier.)
Crystalfontz have the right to change the PCB Rev. (In order to satisfy the supplying stability,
management optimization and the best product performance, etc., under the premise of not
affecting the electrical characteristics and external dimensions, Crystalfontz has the right to
modify the version.).
12.2. Handling Precautions
Since the display panel is made of glass, do not apply mechanical impacts such as dropping
from a high position.
If the display panel is accidently broken, and the internal organic substance leaks out, be
careful not to inhale or touch the organic substance.
If pressure is applied to the display surface or its neighborhood of the LCD display module, the
cell structure may be damaged, so be careful not to apply pressure to these sections.
The polarizer covering the surface of the LCD display module is soft and can be easily
scratched. Please be careful when handling the LCD display module.
Clean the surface of the polarizer covering the LCD display module if it becomes soiled using
following adhesion tape.
o Scotch Mending Tape No. 810 or an equivalent
o Never breathe the soiled surface or wipe the surface using a cloth containing solvent
such as ethyl alcohol, since the surface of the polarizer will become cloudy.
o The following liquids/solvents may spoil the polarizer:
Aromatic Solvents
Hold the LCD display module very carefully when placing the LCD display module into the
system housing.
Do not apply excessive stress or pressure to the LCD display module. And, do not over bend
the film with electrode pattern layouts. These stresses will influence the display performance.
Also, be sure to secure the sufficient rigidity for the outer cases.

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