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CXP1021Q Dane(HTML) 1 Page - Sony Corporation

Numer części CXP1021Q
Szczegółowy opis  System Controller for Compact Disc Players
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Producent  SONY [Sony Corporation]
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CXP1021Q Datasheet(Arkusz danych) 1 Page - Sony Corporation

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The CXP1021Q is a 4-bit single chip microcomputer
based on the
programs in firmware for CD operations. It can be
connected directly to the CDL-40 series of LSIs for
CD players, and can directly drive LCDs, in addition
to other features. It also supports the pitch control
function and can be employed in a wide range of
equipment, from deck-type CD players to radio
cassettes and portable systems.
• Key inputs of up to 20 keys is possible through matrix scanning. The following functions can be selected by
setting their respective keys.
STOP key
SKIP key; on memory input, this becomes the tune selection key
Fast forward key; speed differs during PLAY and PAUSE
• Repeat
One tune or all tunes repeat
Loading function (when deck type device is selected)
→ BA ←
→ B repeat function
Shuffle (random) function
Program; up to 21 tune memory, can indicate remainder
Indicates single tune or all tunes remaining, up to 31 tunes
Fixes introscan at 10 seconds
Sets auto space at 4 seconds
• MUSIC calendar
Can display up to 20 tunes
Enables input using NEC format remote control devices with modifiable custom codes
• 10key
Direct tune selection using keypad (remote control only)
• Syncro
Synchronization input and processing
× 2
Double speed playback
• Battery detection
When portable mode selected, there is battery detection function
• Built-in test mode
Built-in test mode facilitates CD player auto diagnostics
Index search (remote control only)
• Pitch +, pitch –, pitch OFF Pitch control key for playback with varying speed
• External control output
Used for on/off of the voice canceller
Recommended Combinations
• RF amplifier
• Servo signal processor
• Digital signal processor
• Pickup mechanism
KSL 2101
Silicon gate CMOS IC
– 1 –
System Controller for Compact Disc Players
Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice. This information does not convey any license by
any implication or otherwise under any patents or other right. Application circuits shown, if any, are typical examples illustrating the
operation of the devices. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any problems arising out of the use of these circuits.
80 pin QFP (Plastic)
For the availability of this product, please contact the sales office.

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