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ADZS-TS201S Datasheet(Arkusz danych) 2 Page - Analog Devices

Numer części ADZS-TS201S
Szczegółowy opis  ADSP-TS201S EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation Kit for the TigerSHARC Processor
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Producent  AD [Analog Devices]
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The VisualDSP++ software debug agent communicates
with the board via the USB interface to perform standard
debugging functions:
Read and write memory
Read and write registers
Load and execute executables
Set and clear breakpoints
Single-step assembly of C and C++ source code
Other multiprocessor functions, including synchronous
step, run, and halt
The EZ-KIT Lite can be used as a standalone unit without
a PC host by using the EPROM’s default boot mode.
The board can boot from an external host, port interface
connector, link port, or no boot, depending on jumper
selections. Using the kit’s on-board flash memory and the
USB interface, developers can download user-specific
boot code.
Software tools are designed to work with the EZ-KIT
Lite only.
The EZ-KIT Lite is part of the Analog Devices CROSSCORE
Tools product line, which is composed of a comprehensive
set of development tools providing engineers with
easier and more robust methods for developing and
optimizing systems.
The CROSSCORE components include:
VisualDSP++ software development and debugging
EZ-KIT Lite evaluation systems
The easy to use VisualDSP++ integrated software
development environment speeds development, debugging,
and deployment while shrinking product development
cycles and speeding time to market. The EZ-KIT Lite
evaluation kits provide an easy way to investigate the
performance of the Analog Devices family of embedded
processors and DSPs. EZ-Extender® daughter boards
give developers access and ability to connect various
peripherals from Analog Devices and third parties to the
expansion interface of the EZ-KIT Lite evaluation kits.
Emulators are available for both PCI and USB host
platforms for rapid on-chip debugging. Analog Devices
is committed to continuous expansion of leading-edge
development solutions for design engineers everywhere.
Embedded Processors and DSPs
Analog Devices is a leading supplier of digital signal
processing solutions, from high performance Blackfin®
Processors, TigerSHARC Processors, and SHARC®
Processors to integrated mixed-signal processors that
are ideal for an ever increasing spectrum of applications.
ADI’s advances in design provide faster processing,
more memory, lower power consumption, and simplified
system integration. ADI products and technology provide
a competitive edge, complete with expert technical support,
comprehensive development tools, and The Collaborative,
an independent network of third-party developers.
Information and Support
Tel: 1-800-ANALOGD
Analog Devices is committed to providing high quality,
timely, accurate, and free technical support and
software upgrades.
Ordering Information
Please contact your local ADI sales representative or
distributor for pricing and ordering information for part
number ADDS-TS201S-EZLITE.
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of their respective owners.
Printed in the U.S.A.

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